In order to achieve an optimal and above all – for the back – healthy lying feeling, all bed elements should be carefully coordinated. The focus here is on the interplay of the mattress and slatted frame.

Here are the main products and their properties:

Roll slatted

The simplest version, consisting of slats, which are connected by means of tape and which are rolled out on the bed. They are not individually adjustable.

Standard slatted

Slightly curved boards, which are connected to a frame, whereby the slatted gives a little bit. The fewer boards, the worse the slatted frame adapts to the different pressure zones – at least 25 are recommended.

Customizable slatted base

In the shoulder area and possibly also in the hip area, two boards are connected with fabric tensioners, which can be pushed back and forth. So you can adjust how much the slatted gives under the body weight.

Flexible slatted frame

To bring in almost infinite different shapes: raise headboard, raise legs and adjust different stress zones to sleep needs. Some models can even be operated remotely.

Disc spring-slatted

Slats serve as supports for square movable plastic plates. There are five to six plates per latte on which the mattress rests. Countless adjustments are possible.

Attention: If two single sleeping documents are in a double bed together, two slatted frames should be used accordingly. Under a 140×200 cm mattress also a 140×200 cm slatted frame should be used. Particularly suitable for this are models with rimless spring suspension.

Causes of back pain

One reason for back problems is tense muscles – this comes from, among other things, too long sitting in the job, one-sided or faulty load as well as lying on the wrong mattress. In combination with this, there is often a lack of bone support due to poor bedding. This can even move the disc.

Another reason for the pain in the cross is lack of exercise. Sufficient muscle work is necessary for the protection and support of the spine. If these functions are weakened, back pain is the result.

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